Reserve your table today and avoid the disappointment of missing out on a culinary adventure filled with Cantonese delicacies, East Asian classics, and an exquisite selection of Dim Sum and Bao buns at The Mayflower Restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience.

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Private Dining available on the first floor for up to 40 guests  or  60 guests on the ground floor with our sharing menu.

Credit or debit card details are required to make reservations for 4 + guests

  • Charges will be made to the card in the event of no-shows and cancellations within 24 hours of the seating time.
  • Cancellation charges are £25.00 per person.

For further information please call 01242 522426   or email [email protected]


We welcome children from the ages of 10+ We respect the quality and standard of our guests dining experience. Please be advised we do not offer a children’s menu. Meals portions will remain the same.